M10 Entertainment

About Us

M10 Entertainment is a music production and artist management venture dedicated to the development of new talent in the Latin Music industry.

Our Mission is to create, and produce music of the highest standards for our developing talent in order to create solid relationships with future private investors and/or higher-level record labels who could later represent our projects.

Our Structure

Matheus Productions was originally founded in 1996, by singer-songwriter, Engineer and Producer Alfredo Matheus Diez, also known as “Matheus10”.  With over 30 years of experience in the music industry, the multi-Grammy and songwriter award winner Matheus10 has created this new company structure named M10 Entertainment. Each one of these structure entities is in charge of an important area of the music business.



It is the main sail of the production structure, deciding artist and repertoire of each project, and creating music production services ranging from mixing to music production of in house and other independent artists and clients.



A State-of-the-art private recording Studio capable of handling all music productions needed. With Matheus’ vast 30 years of studio sessions experience the facility has chart topping industry efficiency and a low maintenance cost of operation.



Administered by WB Songs (Warner Chappell Music) 10am Music Publishing is a CO-publishing contract relationship created in 2006 with the purpose of collecting royalties worldwide. The contract was modified in 2012 from being a private Alfredo Matheus’ songwriter contract into a subsidiary or full scale publisher to represent other writers under the Warner Chappell Music umbrella in Miami. 10AM Music operates under ASCAP as the royalty collecting US Songwriter and publisher Society.



Aside becoming the main umbrella for the whole Structure, M10 Entertainment will handle artist management and concert bookings for all artists. Other negotiations like sponsors, promotion, distribution, and public relations will be part of this side of the company as well.